With the activation of the Trabis system, domain names with com.tr - net.tr and org.tr extensions can now be registered without documents. You can pre-order now on Ayzeta.net!


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If I pre-order a domain, does it mean I have registered a domain name?

Ordering a pre-registration does not guarantee that you will receive your domain address. However, we will guarantee that as soon as General Availability is turned on, your domain address will be in order and ready to be submitted to the registry. If for any reason you are unable to obtain your domain name, your registration fee will be refunded to your deposit.


What are the registration fees for domain pre-order?

Only the registration fee is charged to the pre-registration fees. If the domain name is not given to you, this fee will be refunded to your deposit without deduction.


What if there is more than one pre-registration order for a domain?

For .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr domain extensions, only 1 order can be placed by the person who first reserved it.


When will pre-ordered domains be registered?

Registration date determined by Trabis : 14.09.2022

Thursday, December 30, 2021

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